A Life with

New Tastes

A Life with

New Tastes

Minoo Fars Food Industry Company

“Minoo” is a pioneer in introducing “firsts” in the market. The first cheese snack (widely known as Pofak in Iran) was introduced to the country by Minoo’s founder, Ali Khosrowshahi. The same goes for the first wafer. The taste of Minoo’s memorable products such as Pofak Namaki (salty cheese puffs) Tord-e Namaki (salty crackers), Chic Gum, Saghe Talaie (sweet meal biscuits), etc. is not limited to any time or class.

During the expansion of Minoo Industrial Group, due to the increasing importance of health and health-oriented products, in accordance with society’s progress and sensitivity about using sugar (sucrose), manufacturing products with natural sugar (fructose fruit sugar) and sugar-free products was also listed in Minoo Industrial Group’s mission.

Date Syrup

An Energetic Start for Everyday

Date Honey

The Sweet Taste of Health

Cheese Puffs and Popcorn

Crunchier Than Ever

Prime Dates

Persian Kabkab and Mazafati Dates

Sherbet with Date Liquid Sugar

Traditional, Healthy, Refreshing


4 Desserts with Date Syrup

Date syrup benefits aside, there are many delicious desserts that you can prepare with it and make your autumn and winter evenings more pleasant with its unique taste.

These recipes are not only delicious and provide you with loads of energy, but they are also healthy as well. Especially when compared to recipes with sugar.

Click through to find out how to prepare four amazing desserts with natural date syrup.

کیک با شیره خرما

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