Ketchup popcorn


Product features

Carton of 24 popcorn ketchup 50 grams

Product name: bulked grain (corn)

Brand name: 50 grams of Kachabi popcorn

Packaging type: pillow pack

Quantity in carton: 24

Shelf life: 6 months


This product is produced in salty, vinegar and ketchup flavors, and due to its suitable volume, it is very suitable for sale in stores, supermarkets, school buffets, kiosks, etc.

For a long time, salty and buttery popcorns were the main flavors that added a little excitement to popcorn. But with the introduction of cheesy popcorn, the popularity of this snack soared again. Corn multiplies the taste of any other ingredient and gives it a pleasant depth. And what better choice than cheese with its familiar, strong and authentic taste?

Mino Vinegar Popcorn is a bold product for those who are looking for a new taste. Classic flavors such as salty or even cheesy instead, but vinegar popcorn with a mild and pleasant bite that it creates in the mouth, becomes a snack that takes away fatigue.

Ketchup doesn’t just enhance the taste of main meals; It also makes snacks more delicious! The vinegary-sweet taste of this sauce lends an attractive flavor to the roasted corn, while simultaneously adding two familiar flavors to the moment.

Popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks for all age groups. Compared to other snacks, this product has high nutritional value, does not contain sugar and trans fatty acids, is rich in fiber and has less fat. While being healthy, Mino popcorn calories are less compared to chips, puffs and other snacks.

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