Honey nectar 250 grams


Product features

Carton of 12 pieces of date honey nectar 250 grams

Product name: date honey nectar 250 grams

Brand name: Mino

Packaging type: PET 250 grams

Quantity in box: 12 pcs

Shelf life: at least 12 months


This product is refined date syrup that has been decolored, all its salts have been removed, it has become a thick liquid similar to honey, and it has all the nutrients of dates. Date honey nectar has the same compounds as honey, and as a healthy product with a more reasonable price, it can replace honey.

This aromatic nectar is considered an excellent option for breakfast and snack and can be eaten with cream, butter, etc. This highly nutritious and sweet product is prepared from pitted dates, and brings the properties and taste of this amazing fruit to consumers.

Buyers should note that crystallization in this product is a sign of its high purity. And if this happens, the product will return to its original state at a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. By storing in the right place (dry and cool and away from direct sunlight), this product will last for at least 12 months.

Mino date honey nectar contains natural sugars such as glucose and fructose. Consuming it before meals reduces appetite and ultimately leads to weight loss. But in general, due to high calories, this nectar is very suitable for people who want to gain weight. Provided that it is eaten with or after food.

Due to the presence of protein and other essential vitamins, this product is also useful for athletes and generally increasing energy and muscle health.

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