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Minoo’s Date Balsamic Vinegar


Minoo’s Date Balsamic Vinegar has an aromatic and strong balsamic flavor sweetened with the popular fruit of our country, dates. The natural taste of date (syrup) along with high-quality balsamic vinegar gives us a product with a velvety texture and amazing taste.

Similar to our other product “Date Vinegar”, Minoo’s Date Balsamic Vinegar is also perfect for seasoning various food and salad, as well as marinating all kinds of meat. With a special sweet and sour taste, it is even an ideal balsamic for flavoring cheese and ice cream.

Regarding the taste, the date syrup balances the acidic property of balsamic. This thick, rich, caramelized glaze has absolutely none of the sharpness of store-bought balsamic. Thanks to dates, the depth of flavor is very incredible. With fruity and caramel notes that elevate the end user’s experience.

Among its benefits, one can mention improving the digestive system function, reducing blood lipids, helping to lose weight, being suitable for diabetics, helping muscle health, reducing the risk of anemia, etc.

This product is available for sale in two weights, 500 g, and 600 g.

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