4 delicious evening meals with date juice

کیک با شیره خرما

Let’s not forget the unique properties of date juice! What delicious desserts and evening meals can be prepared with these nutrients. And she made his autumn-winter evening enjoyable with her unique flavour. In addition to getting the necessary energy, you can be sure of its health. There is no news about the damage of sweeteners such as sugar. If you are keen to know what evening meals can be prepared using this valuable nutrient. Then, join us for a recipe for four delicious asrons with date juice.


4 delicious evening meals with date juice

Before we talk about how to prepare sweets. It is better to know; Date juice has the same properties as dates and is rich in iron and phosphorous. It is an ideal alternative for those suffering from diabetes. Or they like to go on a diet and get rid of sugar. The nature of date juice is warm and it is interesting to know that date juice is the best kind of juice. Because it is compatible with all moods and is very energizing.


1. How to prepare date juice cake

Cake is one evening that is popular with all tastes. It’s also because of the variety of flavors. To make this cake according to your taste, you can also use flavorings like chocolate, coffee, fruit essence, etc. Here’s how to prepare an excellent mix.


کیک با شیره خرما


White flour: 225 grams
Dates juice: 200 grams
Eggs: 3 pcs
Liquid oil: 100 grams
Baking powder: 2 teaspoons
Cinnamon powder: 1 teaspoon
Vanilla: half a teaspoon
Warm water: half a cup


How to prepare

First, mix the vanilla and eggs with a good mixer until a homogeneous and dense mixture turns into a creamy color.
Then add the liquid oil to the ingredients and stir a small amount at this point so that the puff cake does not fall asleep.
Mix date juice and water in a separate bowl. And in the next step, we add the flour in two steps and mix well with an egg whisk.
Then mix the rest of the date juice and mix it well with a slow mixer until the flour is completely dissolved, then mix the ingredients well with an egg whisk.
After the mixture is smooth, pour the cake batter into the previously greased and floured mold. And wait for 20 to 30 minutes until the cake is fully baked.
To improve the taste, use walnuts or pistachios to taste.
Finally, have a drink.

attention; To prevent the cake from burning due to the presence of date juice, adjust the temperature of the oven and visit it from time to time.


2. How to prepare halva with date juice

The second out of 4 delicious evenings with date juice is dedicated to Pastili Halva. Halva is one of the authentic Iranian sweets that has a special place in various traditional and religious celebrations. But it is not devoid of grace, like evening tea.

حلوا با شیره خرما

Gulab: As much as you want
Cinnamon: As needed
Water: two and a half cups
Flour: 4 tablespoons
Oil: 3 tablespoons
Dates juice: one cup
Cardamom powder: as needed


How to prepare
First, in a large bowl, we mix the juice, water, and flour with a hand mixer until the flour doesn’t turn into balls at all. And a loose liquid is obtained. Then add some rose water, saffron, cinnamon and cardamom powder to it.
Place the fireproof saucepan on the gas, make sure it is on medium heat, and pour the liquid into the saucepan and stir frequently.
Halfway through cooking, when half of the water has dissolved, add the oil, and stir again to seal; Of course, it shouldn’t be so hard that it becomes a solid, it should be semi-liquid.
At this point, grease a plate, transfer the ingredients to the container, put a spoon in the water and spread it over the halva so that it spreads evenly in the container, then leave it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

After it is ready, cut it into cubes with a knife or make it into the desired shape using a mold. You can decorate it with walnuts or pistachio powder.


Note 1: Since the juice is more concentrated, you can mix it with warm water. until the juice softens. Also, instead of date juice, use date nectar to lighten the color of halva.


3. How to prepare porridge with date juice

Porridge is usually an attractive evening meal for all kinds of parties or for children. Porridge is especially useful for children, and its preparation is more nutritious with date juice.


فرنی با شیره خرما


Dates juice: 2/3 cup
Milk: 4 cups
Water: 1/3 cup
Rose water: half a cup
Rice flour: 3 tablespoons
Cardamom powder: 1/4 teaspoon
Starch: 1 tsp

How to prepare
First, dissolve the rice flour in the milk.
Then dissolve the starch in water and pass it through a sieve so that the starch does not contain impurities.
At this point, pour the starch into the milk and mix them together.
Then we add the date juice to the ingredients and put the ingredients on the fire and stir constantly like regular porridge and let it reach the right consistency.
In the last step, when you are sure that the flour and starch are completely baked. Add rose water and cardamom to the ingredients and wait for the ingredients to boil a little, then you can remove the mixture from the heat and pour it into the bowl of your choice and decorate this delicious porridge according to your taste.
Your dessert is ready, enjoy.


4. How to prepare chia pudding with date juice

The last of the 4 delicious evenings with date juice is for dessert. Pudding is a very nutritious dessert, evening meal or snack. Which can be sweet, spicy or salty according to taste! Which we usually know here in its sweet kind

پودینگ با شیره خرما

Traditional date juice: the required quantity
Chia seeds: as much as you like
Milk: one cup
Strawberry: As much as you like
Coconut powder: as needed
Chocolate: as much as you like


How to prepare
First, put some chia seeds in milk and leave it in the fridge for about half an hour until it gets wet and shimmery.
Then we put the strawberry pieces in the dessert plate. You can use any other fruit.
After pouring the strawberries into the bowl, pour in the date juice and then add the milk and the chia seeds that have been soaked together and mix.
And finally, we do Decorate the dessert plate with coconut powder and chocolate.
Our dessert is ready. enjoy your meal!

.in the end

In this article, we tried to provide you with 5 delicious evening meals with date juice. Instead of date juice, you can use other “meno” sweetening products such as date nectar, honey and liquid sugar in your afternoon tea. We hope this article was useful to you. If you have experience preparing an evening meal or dessert with date juice, share it with us and the users.

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