Mint Sharbat (with Date Sugar)


Product features

Iranian traditional sherbets

Trade Name: Mint Sharbat (with Date Sugar)

Packaging: Glass bottle

Ingredients: Liquid date sugar, herb extract, acid citric

Shelf Life: 6 Months


Iranian traditional sherbets with a liquid date sugar base are among exclusive Minoo Fars Food industries products, offering the refreshing taste of unique herbs such as mint, rose water, sweet-brier, willow blossoms, and sour orange blossoms along with the pleasant sweetness of date sugar (without affecting the original taste).

Each of these syrups can be ordered in two weights of 500 g and 700 g in a glass bottle. For consumption, we suggest using one part syrup and five parts cold water.

Date liquid sugar with Brix 68-74% has 70% sugar content. The main sugars of this product are fructose and glucose in almost equal proportions. With a similar sugar composition to honey and corn syrup with high fructose, it is an excellent alternative to industrial sugar for sweetening sherbets.

As the reviews show, this sweetener does not have a noticeable effect on the sensory properties and as a result the overall acceptance of the product, and it is considered a fine option to replace sugar. You can also order liquid date sugar alone (in various packaging from 500 g to 250 kg) on our website.

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