Minoo Cheese Snack


Product features

 the first cheese snack or cheese puff in Iran

Product Name: Cheese puffs with corn grits (with natural paprika color and artificial color)

Trade Name: Pofak Namaki

Packaging: Transparent cellophane

Number in Carton: 10

Shelf Life: 6 Months


As the first cheese snack or cheese puff in Iran (registered as “Pofak”), the all-new version of Minoo Cheese Snack offers the same nostalgic taste. With a subtle salty taste and cheese powder, these snacks are brighter, more appetizing, and crunchier than ever.

To produce Pofak, corn grits and water are puffed in the extruder, and after passing through the dryer, it is covered with a mixture of vegetable oil, cheese powder, other flavorings, food coloring, and salt.

In fact, this product contains 62-65% corn grits and 35-38% glaze, which includes oil, cheese powder, food coloring, milk powder, and salt. They are sprayed on the pieces at a temperature of approximately 45 degrees Celsius.

In addition to using prime ingredients for production, equipment including extruders has the least impact on ingredients’ features.

“Minoo” is a pioneer in introducing products to the Iranian market, including cheese puffs. At the same time as the biscuit factory was launched, Pofak factory was also launched in the late 1340s SH.

Ali Khosrowshahi, the founder of Mino Industrial Group in 1338, used to try different products in exhibitions and stores during his trips abroad. While doing so, he found a product from the American company “Beatrice Foods”, which was sometime later marketed in his hometown under the name “Pofak Namaki” (Salty Puffs).

On the naming of the product, his son Hassan Khosrowshahi said: “When I was a child, we used to go to Mina’s bakery at the Naderi Street with my mother. They had a sweet called Pofak, which was my favorite. The product that was going to be produced was puffy and because it was salty, I decided to call it Pofak Namaki, and I registered this name in a hurry.”

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