Fig Syrup


Product features

Product name: Fig juice 360 grams

Packaging type: PET 360 grams

Quantity in box: 12

Shelf life: 9 months


Fig juice processed by the company’s mechanized derivative production system is made from the best raw materials directly from Estehban and other large Iranian fig orchards and without any additives under the supervision of professional operators and quality control experts. arrives.

Fig juice is rich in antioxidants and stomach tonic and very laxative and keeps the body temperature balanced. It can be said that the mixture of this juice alone is considered a complete breakfast and its taste is honey, fruity and sweet, and by mixing it with sesame flour or date juice, it brings a delicious taste for all tastes. This extract is recommended for children and plays a significant role in providing organic and mineral substances needed for their growth.

The goal and policy of Mino Fars Food Industry Company is to supply healthy and organic products in order to improve the health level of the society, and it has made it the top priority of its work.

We produce the best juices in Iran.

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