Richi Pepper


Product features

Crunchy Mino snacks with the Richie brand

Commercial: Richi Pepper 90 grams

Product name: Carton of 20 Richie Peppers 90 grams

Quantity in carton: 20 pcs

Weight of each product: 90 grams


Crunchy snacks can almost be introduced as a nutritious snack among the popular snacks of all ages. Crunchy Mino snacks with the Richie brand, with different flavors for all tastes, are your companion at parties and events.

The main ingredient of Richi snack, like salty puffs, is corn grits, which is made bulky by passing through special extruders with moisture, pressure and heat, and by passing through a hot oil drum in the shortest possible time and passing through a special oil extraction system, it is completely crispy. In the spray powder tank, peppery, cheesy flavors and the delicious and new taste of Korean garlic (barbecue) are coated on the snacks, and they are directed to the packaging section in weights of 50 and 90 grams and cartoned.

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