Kabkab Date


Product features

highest quality dates from Iranian farms

Product Name: Kabkab Date

Trade Name: Kabkab Date

Shelf Life: 6 months


In the past years, Minoo Fars Food Industries have marketed health-oriented products such as date powder, date honey, date liquid sugar, and date syrup through advanced production lines.

In addition to these products, as one of the largest producers of date derivatives in the country, the company has recently started sorting and packaging prime dates after precise market feasibility studies to complete its diverse products even more.

By adding the needed infrastructure for sorting and packaging date products, we are now proud to introduce the highest quality dates from Iranian farms after hygienic processing to the market in packages of various weights. If stored in a dry and cool place, they last up to 6 months.

Our health-oriented products have international standards and are also available in stores in America, Europe, and other countries in the Middle East with a strong position among consumers.

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