Date Vinegar


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a sweet and sour product made from prime


Mino’s Date Vinegar is a sweet and sour product made from prime Persian dates with no color additives or preservatives. It is perfect for seasoning food and salad, all kinds of meat, roasts, or for dipping. In addition to elevating the taste, its dark, glossy brown color gives a pleasant shine to the food as well.

Besides its naturally acidic taste, Mino’s Date Vinegar also has well-known benefits of this fruit; including helping to prevent cancer, improving heart health, natural source of calcium, potassium, and minerals, strengthening the immune system, etc. By preventing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, date vinegar reduces fatigue and cramping, making it, especially a good choice for athletes.

One of the most important benefits of date vinegar, which is considered one of the ancient seasonings dating back to several thousand years ago, is that it does not cause problems for people who suffer from stomach ulcers. A feature that, for example, grape vinegar does not benefit from.

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