25kg berry syrup


Product features

Mino berry syrup is a natural

Product weight: 25 kg bucket

Type of packaging: Aseptic inside the container

Shelf life: 12 months

Dimensions of the bucket: 36 x 30 cm


Mino berry syrup is a natural, healthy and useful sweetener that is used in the preparation of cakes, cookies, etc. This product is produced and supplied in a 25 kg bucket with aseptic packaging for sale to factories and collections that intend to produce health-oriented products. The taste, color, appearance and texture of mino berry syrup are carefully tested and controlled by our quality experts in well-equipped laboratories.

Properties and characteristics of berry syrup

Berries are effective in treating constipation due to their high fiber content.
Berries contain significant amounts of vitamin C and iron, so it is recommended for those with anemia.
Consuming this fruit reduces weight. According to the findings of the researchers, the insoluble fibers in berries reduce the calories absorbed in the body and cause weight loss.
Mulberry is effective in reducing and eliminating fear, anger, depression, anxiety and excitement due to the presence of B group vitamins.
Vitamin A present in berries makes nails grow and strengthens eyes.
Mulberry syrup, like the properties of grape syrup and date syrup, is effective in treating and preventing anemia. The iron in this syrup helps to cure anemia and iron deficiency.
This syrup is effective in purifying the blood and helps maintain the health of the liver and spleen.
One of the properties of mulberry syrup in traditional medicine is its use to increase sexual power in men and women.
Mulberry syrup is packaged and presented in 250 kg barrels and 25 kg buckets, as well as 360 grams of PET.

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