Grape Syrup


Product features

Carton of 12 grape syrup 360 grams

Product name: Grape juice 360 grams

Packaging type: PET with metal lid

Quantity in box: 12

Shelf life: 12 months


Fars province is very suitable for growing all kinds of garden products with its fertile soil and four-season climate. Grape trees are also abundantly cultivated in the cool climate parts of this province, and this has made Mino Fars Food Industry Company to produce raw materials for the production of grape syrup from the freshest and best quality grapes.

Grape syrup, having a large amount of vitamins and minerals, plays a significant role in strengthening the body’s immune system. Things like strengthening memory and preventing Alzheimer’s and relaxing the nerves can be mentioned.

Grape syrup, like fig syrup and date syrup, plays an important role in Iranian tables as breakfast and snack.

Mino Fars Food Industry Company has been a leader in this matter by having mechanized devices and sufficient experience in the production of syrups. Grape syrup is one of the main sales baskets of this company and it is exported to more than 10 foreign countries.

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