Three syrup date and berry and fig


Product features

A mixture of three properties of date juice and berry juice

Product name: Three juices of dates, grapes and berries

Packaging type: PET 360 grams

Quantity in box: 12

Shelf life: 9 months


Among the other products of Mino Fars Food Industry Company, we can mention a mixture of juices produced by the company.

The best-selling mixture of three date juices, mulberry juice and fig juice can meet the daily needs of the body. This product is produced through special processes without any additives and is packaged in 360 grams of PET and 420 grams of glass with metal lids and sent to the market.

The advantages of the three juices of dates, berries and grapes are that they are rich in useful sugars, high in glucose and fructose, and very low in sucrose. In addition to having a variety of antioxidants, calcium and magnesium, it brings high energy to consumers.

The distinguishing feature of Mino Fars Food Industry Company, in addition to having modern and up-to-date devices, is providing diverse and high-quality products for all kinds of tastes of dear consumers.

We offer you the best Iranian juices.

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