25 kg bucket of bulk date juice


Product features

A 25 kg bucket of bulk date juice, a natural product

Product weight: 25 kg bucket

Type of packaging: Aseptic inside the container

Shelf life: 12 months

Dimensions of the bucket: 36 x 30 cm


Factories and collections that intend to produce health-oriented products can now order date syrup of Mino Fars Food Industries, produced from high-quality dates with the help of modern equipment, in 250 kg and 25 kg barrels.

All stages of date syrup production are completely hygienic and sterile, and its taste, color, appearance and texture are carefully tested and controlled by quality experts in equipped laboratories. Date syrup is a natural, healthy, useful sweetener without any additives that is used in the preparation of pancakes, cakes, cookies, etc. In addition to being produced for direct sale in stores, this product can be ordered for production complexes and food factories.

You can also buy high-quality packaged date syrup in weights of 360 grams, 420 grams, and 850 grams from Mino Fars Food Industry Company.

nutrition facts

Fat: 0 grams

Energy: 84 kcal

Sugar: 20 grams

Salt: 0.16 grams

Trans fatty acids: 0 grams

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